Three Master internships as part of the food web study

Three Master internships were started as part of the food web study.

Chloé Malirat is working on the feeding ecology of marine mammals and birds in the Eastern Channel, within Cohabys. First of all, she will carry out a bibliographic synthesis to better understand the trophic ecology of these top predators and determine the fish to be sampled during future campaigns. She will then prepare the samples and carry out stable isotope analyses to assess the trophic levels and predation zones of marine mammals and birds.

Théo Dufresne, at the Laboratoire de Morphodynamique Continentale et Côtière (UMR M2C) in Rouen, is studying, in the area of the future Dieppe Le Tréport offshore wind farm, the morphodynamics of the dunes and the sedimentary flows in relation to the benthic communities using a multidisciplinary approach. Its objectives will be to analyse the sediment cover, to quantify the morphology and migration of the dunes, to estimate the sediment flows and to relate its physical characteristics to the composition of benthic communities.

Still at the UMR M2C, but this time in Caen, Tatiana Gauche is studying the suprabenthic compartment of the two sedimentary habitats of the future Dieppe Le Tréport offshore wind farm. First of all, she will carry out a major work of sample sorting and identification. She will then analyse and evaluate the state of the suprabenthic communities and determine their role in the food webs.