The Éolien en Mer SIG has three governing bodies: a Steering Committee, a Scientific Council and a Coordinator.

Steering Committee

  • Decides the operations to be carried out
  • Decides the corresponding budget
  • Decides organisation changes
  • President and vice-president


  • Takes part in project development
  • Main contact person
  • Shares data and results
  • Bibliographic watch and participation in Marine Renewable Energy events

Scientific Council

  • Decides scientific orientation
  • Warant of relevance and quality of studies
  • Consultative body
  • President and vice-president

The Steering Committee is composed of one representative of each of the Partners. It appoints the members of the Scientific Council, sets up the scientific projects previously decided by the latter and manages the SIG budget.

The members of the Scientific Council are national and international experts, including at least one expert scientist in each research area of the SIG. The Scientific Council exercises its role as part of the overall scientific orientation. It is an advisory body and a source of proposals, ensuring the relevance and scientific quality of the SIG’s work.

The Coordinator, Dr Emilie Praca, ensures the smooth running of the SIG by helping to organise and run meetings and write minutes. She is the main contact person for external bodies, departments of the State, local authorities and citizens. She also contributes to sharing data and results on Marine Renewable Energy and the marine environment with the members of the SIG.