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Benthic communities in the food web study

As part of the study on food webs, a major section is devoted to benthic communities. Several specific samples were taken from this compartment: a…


The use of molecular tools to monitor plankton communities

The use of molecular tools (i.e. tools based on DNA analysis) will be compared with the conventional method of monitoring plankton, which uses a binocular…


Partnership within the OWFSOMM project

The Éolien en Mer SIG is a partner in the OWFSOMM project led by France Energies Marines. OWFSOMM is the abbreviation for “Offshore Wind Farm…


Study of food webs

As part of the establishment of the environmental baseline for the Dieppe Le Tréport offshore wind farm, the Éolien en Mer SIG launched a Call…


Testing the use of molecular analysis to study the diet of seals

This study will assess the contribution of molecular tools (environmental DNA) to seal diet monitoring. These new analyses will complement the traditional method of studying…


Survey of five gull breeding sites

The Eolien en Mer SIG initiated its first study in 2021. The project involved multi-year monitoring of five natural gull nesting sites. The aim is…