Paris Normandie looks back on the first year of activity of the SIG

One year after its official launch, Paris Normandie looks back on the activities of the Éolien en Mer SIG and in particular on the studies that will be launched as from 2021.

Eight million euros are being allocated to scientific studies to gain a better understanding of the environment in which the wind turbines will be built.

A study will be carried out on gulls over the next eight years, with a census of non-urban colonies. Seals will also be monitored through environmental DNA analysis to find out more about their diet. An environmental DNA analysis will also be carried out on plankton samples to improve knowledge of the species at the egg and larval stages. Finally, the SIG will be a partner in the OWFSOMM project of France Énergies Marines, which involves combining several means of observing marine megafauna.

Other studies will follow later this year: one on food webs (all food chains and their trends with regard to the construction of the wind farm) and the other on bats and their potential migration to England.